Reflections Assessment

Reflections™ Questionnaire measures personal preference and motivation. These individual characteristics drive the choice of vocation and occupation, in addition to communication, learning and relationships. A very complex analysis of your responses will create the Reflections™ Report that correlates these inherent drives with the world of work, study, and relationships. 

The Reflections™ Questionnaire can be completed in about forty five minutes. It is important to respond intuitively according to your inner desires! Your first choice is the best choice. Do not over-analyze your response. It is not necessary for you to have the skills, training or experience required for the task, only the desire. Respond only on the basis of your preference.

Sample Question:

Please read all 3 statements in the section below.
Click only one of the 3 Green Buttons for the statement that you prefer the Most, then
Click only one of the 2 remaining Red Buttons for the statement that you prefer the Least.
Do not click the Most and Least buttons for the same statement.
In the example below, the statement “Visit stores in a metropolitan shopping mall” was preferred the Most and the statement “Hike through a national wilderness area” was preferred the Least.

Visit stores in a metropolitan shopping mall.
Spend a vacation at a luxury resort.
Hike through a national wilderness area. 
To register for your Reflections Test, please send an email to, and we will contact you with your username and password, and after you have completed the Reflections Test, a Specialist will contact you for a one-on-one session. 

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