Workplace Psychology

16 Personalities Team Bonding 
Participants ie departments, teams, HR & Personnel departments, etc spend a 4-8 hour session understanding why they act they way they do, and why their teammates behave they way they do in their work environment. It's interesting how work teams build stronger bonds, and friendships after understanding their team personalities.

It's one of the more fun learning experiences trying to discover your teammates as you discover yourself.

CHOPS Assessment
This is a tool gradually developed to remember stressors common in working environments. The tool looks into several common stressors ie. communication, culture, crises, historical, occupational , organizational, psychological, etc and addresses them through dialogues, conversations, and we will look at strategies in dealing with them.

The CHOPS tool was developed by Dr Kelly O' Donnell.

CACTUS Assessment
The CACTUS tool teaches teams in work environment to be a strong team as they grow into resiliency through the various stages of team life. Self disclosure, active listening, and cooperation are required , and team members appreciate the opportunity to learn more from each other and grow together. Some of the characteristics are Coping Ability, Commitment, Appreciation, Communication, Time Together, Understanding, etc.

Ideal for teams, departments.

This tool too is developed by Dr Kelly O' Donnell.